Located in the Northeast of Vietnam, Cao Bang is a mountainous province with 6,707.6 km2 of natural land area, including 12 districts and 01 provincial city and 199 villages, towns. The province is adjacent to Guangxi (China) in the north and the north-east, to Tuyen Quang Province and Ha Giang Province in the west, to Bac Kan and Lang Son Provinces to the south. Cao Bang is considerably remarked as the land of revolutionary traditions of Vietnamese people. Visiting Cao Bang on a tour to Northern Vietnam, visitors have a chance to travel back to the Vietnamese heroic historical period through the stories about every place, every forest and every road which all associated with the early stages of Vietnamese revolutionary history and the President Ho Chi Minh’s life. It’s not over exaggerated to describe Cao Bang as the place of grand history, stunning wild beauty, and diverse cultural heritage.
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